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T-shirts, jackets, fleece, handbags, accessories – there are so many options, and we’re just getting started.

Branded apparel provides a highly functional messaging option where the product becomes an active part of your customers’ daily lives. With your company logo prominently displayed, branded apparel turns your customers into mobile billboards, exposing your brand to the world.

M2 Promotions will provide you with apparel that matches your preferences for style, cut, material, fit and color. From single pieces to entire wardrobes and accessories, we’ll place your logo on high quality apparel that your customers will be proud to wear and show off.

  • Red Puffy Vest
    Sports Dude
    Brown Pullover
    Blue Tee
  • Sleeveless Fleece
    Sweat Pants
  • Blue Polo
  • Button Shirt
    Black Pants
    Red Shirt